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Friday, December 23, 2011

Dong Zhi Reunion Dinner At Han Room @ Gardens, Mid Valley City

We had our Dong Zhi Reunion dinner at the Han Room restaurant last night. This Chinese restaurant is hubs' favorite Chinese restaurant and he even has membership at this restaurant. He often brings his customers to dine at Han Room @ Gardens, Mid Valley and has tried many of the dishes on the menu. After a few recent lip-smacking and finger-licking moments with the Spanish Pork Ribs with his friends and customers, he ordered a huge portion of this dish for us to try last night.

The Grilled Spanish Pork Ribs is the chef's specialty. The pork meat was very juicy, uniquely flavorful and indeed bone licking good, really down right tasty till the bone! Would give a double thumbs up for this dish, which does not come cheap. I choked when the hubs told me the price for that place of porky dish! Quickly asked for the left overs to be packed back for our lunch today!

Double boiled fish maw, sea cucumber, dried vegetables (choy kon) and mushroom chicken soup in a pumpkin.

Butter prawns - another lip smacking dish which will surely have you lick the platter clean! Love the deep fried shredded eggs.

Stir fried Chang Loong Choy with fresh lily bulbs - a common Chinese restaurant veggie dish.

Braised tofu with crab meat and crab roe... and there was also a fried rice, which is Alycia's favorite. She is the 'fan toong' of the family!

Plain tong Yuen with ginger syrup, which was on the house. I never liked plain tong yuen and as a child, had trouble swallowing the starchy balls down my throat. My later maternal grandma would sort of force us to eat them on each Dong Zhi festival hehe. The number of tong yuen you have in your bowl signifies your lunar year age. So I had to eat 15 balls when I was 15 years old! I prefer tong yuen with black sesame and peanut fillings.

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