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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dining Trays To Minimize Cleaning Up

Do you know what's indispensable at our dining table when #2 and #3 have their meals? A dining tray!

If only I could have it my way, I would want rascal #2 to wear a bib with a food catcher but nope, she wouldn't wear it. NO WAY! After all, she's already 7 years old but a very clumsy and messy 7-year old. Whenever she has her meals, I can be rest assured to see bread crumbs, rice, bones and food scattered on the table and on the floor around where she sits. That's why each time she eats, I will place her bowl, plate and cup on a huge dining tray so that food and spillage of drinks will drop on the tray. Even Baby is not as messy as she wears an Ikea bib with a food catcher, which is her faithful and cute pink froggy bib. Speaking of the Ikea bib, I hope Ikea has replenished their stock for the pink and green froggy bib set that comes with a sippy cup and cute froggy bowl. Last month when I was there, I could not find the bib set. I hope Ikea has restocked this bib set and if they do, I'll make sure I get 3 sets when I make my monthly trip to Ikea next week! They are really affordable, durable, dries up so quickly after washing and damn cute!

And I want to get this cute and colorful Barbar tray with colorful birds too. Planning to get 2 units of this tray - one for Miss Clumsy and one for rascal #3! I'll bet they will love this birdie tray to bits!

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