Health Freak Mommy: Food Fair at Isetan @ KLCC - 25 February 2012


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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Food Fair at Isetan @ KLCC - 25 February 2012

We were at the Japanese food fair at Isetan @ KLCC yesterday. For those of you who are fans of Japanese food, you will love this fair and get 'drown' there. I say drown coz you'll bound to pull out a few big notes from your wallet after sampling the food at the fair, hehe.... I'll bet no one can resist the wide array of seafood cooked in a few varieties of style, ala Japanese.

An assortment of seafood cooked in a variety of Japanese styles

Wide array of deep fried seafood and fish

Baby and Alycia ate cups after cups of handmade Udon... but we did not eat for free. We bought 3 packs of handmade Udon and green tea noodles, costing over RM20 for a packet.

Just one of the delicacies which we 'succumbed' to - fresh scallops cooked in Terriyaki sauce, YUMS!
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