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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's A Torture When You Can't Sleep When You're Sleepy!

I am actually farking tired and sleepy today. I was about to doze off on my massage chair while doing some work but darn, each time I tried to get my forty winks, someone just had to startle me up! Sometimes I wished I live alone and can sleep, eat, watch the TV and do anything however I like and whenever I fancy! Oh well, anyway... but I didn't get to take a cat nap, not at all. Was really jonked out with my online store, having to supervise the renovation in the wet kitchen, manage 3 kids who seem to be 'deaf', amend an advertorial for the umpteen times (gosh, this client is SUPER fussy but I have to stoop lowly coz they are paying me pretty well!) and supervise #1 and #2 in their homework. During dinner at the Chinese restaurant just now, I had drank some Chinese tea and now, fark, I can't sleep though my head is throbbing. Darn the caffeine flowing in my blood now. I am jinxed. Oh fark! So that's why I am here typing this post at this ungodly hour where I am supposed to be in bed as I have to wake up by 5:45am tomorrow.
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