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Friday, February 24, 2012

Kids Ask The Darndest Questions

During shower time last night, Baby saw a mozzie flying past her, right in front of her eyes and she wanted to smash it with her hands but as elusive as they may be, the mozzie vanished into the thin air.

Baby - mummy, why did God create mosquitoes?

I paused for a moment, thinking of an appropriate answer to give this inquisitive toddler.

Baby - mummy, I asked you, why did God create mosquitoes??

Me - God created many animals and insects when he created the world.

Baby - but why did he create mosquitoes and tigers to bite us? Why did he create animals that can bite us?

I could not give my baby girl an answer and just told her that I wanted to know the answer too! This rascal always asks me questions which I am lost for answers. Anyone can give a proper answer to this question?
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