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Monday, February 20, 2012

Still Very Much A Dilly Dallier After 1.5 Months

After 1.5 months into her first primary school year, Sherilyn is still pretty much the same in terms of her sense of urgency. She still day dreams every morning at the dining table, struggling to finish her mug of milk . She still sits on the throne in a daze and moves about looking zonked out. Each morning, I need to rush her like mad, with Alycia and my mil nagging her along side me.

Every morning, I still need to dress Sherilyn up hurriedly - put on the white shirt for her, help her button up, put on the pinafore for her, comb her hair, feed her Scotts Emulsion, put on socks for her and put on shoes for her at times! If I don't do that, she will be gravely late. She does not have the least bit of panicky feeling even when it is already time to go to the lobby to wait for the transporter and she is totally not ready yet. She was late several times and I felt so bad that the entire van load of kids plus the van driver had to wait for her.

I send Alycia and Sherilyn to bed by 9pm every night but on some days, they will only fall asleep by 10pm, which is on the day that Sherilyn has ballet class in the evening or when the hubs watches TV and they are too distracted by the TV. On most days, they will have at least 8 hours of sleep.

Poor Baby is the victim as she will often be jolted up from her sleep from the commotion every morning. On some mornings, she will wake up at 6am and not go back to sleep at all. This means, I will not get to go to the gym as she will insist in following me. Not liking this at all. Hopefully things will get better over time.
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