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Friday, March 30, 2012

39th Birthday

This year marks the last year I call myself 'I am in my thirties'. In a flash of an eye, I will be hopping into a new age era. I wonder how it is like to be in my 40s. Just can't believe how fast time has ticked away, from the time I left school up until now, it's been 22 amazing years, gosh! I feel sentimental that I am enjoying the last year I am in my 30s. Suddenly, I feel I have aged. Happy that my girls are growing up fast and yet a tad sad that I am no longer young.

I celebrated my 39th birthday yesterday in a low key celebration. Ever since I had kids, I have never liked elaborate birthday celebrations for I think it is just a waste of money. Because it was a school-day the next day (today), we could only go to a nearby restaurant to have dinner. My hubs surprised me with a Samsung Galaxy Note early this week and surprised me with my favorite Tiramisu cake from Alexis yesterday. It was a very simple and inexpensive birthday celebration but a joyous one with my loved ones.

Mouth-watering Tiramisu cake from Alexis Bistro with strawberry sauce and Haagen-Dazs ice-cream...

My new toy, which iLove!! I still need to study it more in-depth and will probably need to make a trip to the Samsung phone shop in the Gardens Mid Valley in order to know how to use at least half of the functions of this android phone.
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