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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cassandra Says The Darndest Things

Baby is getting better and better with her words. She talks like an adult at times. She out-talks me many times and I now have to be very careful with my answers to her as she will query me to the root of the basis of my answers!

Conversation this afternoon:

Baby - mummy, I love you very, very much!

Me - me too, I love you very, very much too!

Baby - mummy, do you love kakak?

Me - errr..... I love your 2 che ches...

Baby - do you love daddy?

And before I could answer....

Baby - you must love daddy you know, he is your husband!

Me - of course I love daddy! What makes you think I don't love daddy?

Baby - no, just asking hehe...

And moments later, she asked me this :
Baby - mummy, if I eat a lot of bananas, will I turn all yellow like the shining sun?

My little drama queen is so dramatic. She must have associated this with what I had told her about eating food with lots of coloring. I always scare the girls by telling them that cakes, jellies and snacks with lots of bright colors are very bad for health. Last night, to discourage them from eating the blue, red and green icing on some Wondermilk Elmo & Cookie Monster cup cakes that daddy had bought, I told them that their pee will turn blue, red and green too. This really scared the pee out of them and it worked!
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