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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Breakfast At Magnificent Fish And Chips, Changkat Bukit Bintang KL

On Sunday, hubs wanted to bring us to Lai Foong coffee shop located opposite Petaling Street to eat some popular delish hawker food. But we detoured when we passed by the coffee shop and saw that it was bursting with patrons. Next in this foodie's mind was Magnificent Fish and Chips located at Changkat Bukit Bintang.

So here's what we stuffed ourselves full. The portion was pretty big for most of us who are tiny eaters, especially moi who eat like a cat.

Egg Benedict - consists of smoked salmon and poached eggs on a bun, on a bed of greens. In the background is Bangers and Mash - consists of super long and thin sausage twirled on a bed of mashed potatoes with mushroom sauce. Looked kinda gross, errr like what you'd normally find in your throne, as we were all joking when we saw that plate of food LOL!

Fat Boys CBB. This plate of breakfast looks humongous but when we flipped the eggs and mushrooms away, beneath were 3 over-sized slices of toasted white bread, which made the portion look huge. Very yummy but I really think that it is over priced.

Coffee fix for the caffeine addict - Latte and Cappuccino which are part of the breakfast set...

3 happy girls with their camera and blog-shy leng jai daddy, leng lui mah mah, koo por and yours truly haha! Did you notice that Alycia and I are wearing the same top here? It's our mother-daughter Mickey Mouse singlet hehe...

A hefty breakfast bill for 5 adults and 3 kiddos. But well justified as the food was too much that we took away and ate them for lunch cum tea at 3pm. And lastly, we do not have such lavish breakfast all the time. I think we should pamper ourselves to something really nice once in a while :)

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