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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ravenous Appetite

My almost 4-YO baby girl has an appetite as ravenous as an elephant! She eats more than me and I kid you not, really she does! She even eats more than her 8YO+ sister. When my mil eats her breakfast in the morning, this little rat will gnaw on her food from oats with milk to sandwiches, breakfast cereal and just about whatever that she eats. When I eat my breakfast, same goes. Half the portion of my breakfast gets robbed the moment I place it on the dining table. My mil and I have been pretty concerned that her insatiable appetite will gradually make her really fat with a perpetually insatiable appetite! So we now control her food portions and we have to be cruel to turn her pleas down for more food.

My baby girl even eats pig's trotters cooked with black vinegar (jue goek choa) and she loves this sourish dish to bits... and had to pay a price for overeating it when she purged and puked (only once) the next day!!

Jue Geok Choa polished off by my almost 4YO baby girl!
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