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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Throes of Motherhood... of Kids' Exams

Alycia came home today and told me that her Science in Mandarin test paper today was very difficult. She is the type who is always tight-lipped about how she had fared in her test papers and does not like to talk much about her test papers. In fact, she does not like being asked and will get very agitated if my concern is overly shown. But thank God, she has been doing pretty well in all her exams thus far. Today, she told me that her Science test paper is so hard that she thinks she is going to fail! Sei lor, I hope she ain't going to fail!! She has never failed in any of her test papers since her pre-school days. Is it that difficult in Standard 3? I am one very anxious mommy now. I hope that my worries will be unfounded. I hope that her teachers will distribute the test papers back by this week before the start of the 1-week school term break, else I will have over 1 week to worry about her marks. And she is only in Standard 3. I will have a long, long time to worry myself old lidat!
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