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Friday, April 27, 2012

Casa Del Cocco @ Taman Danau Desa, KL

Being a health freak who tries to eat only healthy and wholesome food and trying to train my girls to have similar preference, I scorn at food cooked with excessive oil, salt, sugar and other flavor enhancers. But due to time constraint, we have no choice but to eat out or take away food several times in a week. I so scorn at those 'chap fan' aka economical rice dishes. Just have a look at the inches of suspicious looking oil covering all the dishes while some dishes are heavily coated with flour and thick, black sauce! I'll bet after eating them for a week straight, my tonsils will flare up. I am so glad that I have finally found an eatery nestled at my neighborhood that serves really good Italian and Western food with a touch of home-cook feel and taste. I so nodded approvingly after tasting the breakfast served at Casa Del Cocco. 

When my hubs brought us to Casa Del Cocco or Coconut House for the first time 2 Saturdays ago, it was slightly over 10am and Casa Del Cocco was still devoid of customers. We were the only customers at the restaurant and I had reservations with the quality and taste of the food. But when the omelette dishes came and after the first bite, it was love at first sight! All the breakfast dishes were very low on sodium and MSG and were naturally flavored with lots of Italian herbs. I love it that the omelettes had generous amount of fresh mushrooms and herbs and were not salty at all. After a very satisfying breakfast, my foodie hubs ordered some desserts and they earned yet another nod of approval from me. The sweetness level for the Tiramisu and cakes were just perfect - not choking sweet.

We even booked a place for lunch for the next day (Sunday) so that I could snap some pix of the dishes and at the same time try their lunch menu dishes. I did not snap pix of the omelette and breakfast dishes when I was there on Saturday as I had qualms on the food presentation and quality.  Well, never judge the book by its cover!  So my hubs (who is very supportive of my blogging :) ) told me that he would bring us to the eatery again the next day to have the pix taken. 

Pix of the food that we had at Casa Del Cocco taken on both visits : 

The breakfast menu . We tried all 5 dishes on the breakfast menu and were very satisfied with every dish.


 Wild mushroom soup @ RM9.50 and Crostini Toscani @ RM5.50

Veal Pramigiana with mushrooms @ RM25 - meat is juicy, flavorful and rustic.


Italian sausages, root veggies & beans soup (RM7.50). This broth is nourishing  and lip smacking too.


Steamed Mussels - pretty good

Slow-roasted pork shoulder -- oven-cooked overnight with fennel seeds and herbs. Very juicy and flavorful and costs only RM22 a serving.


Classic Carbonara

Classic Calzone aka stuffed pizza or turnover, stuffed with thick gooey cheese and ham. In the background is Parma Ham and Rocket Leaves pizza. I prefer the open face pizza as the crust is thin and crispier.  The pizzas are all baked in a huge stone-like oven using wood.  At the facade of the eatery, you will not miss out on the huge stacks of wood for the oven.



 Blueberry cake, baked lemon pudding and a chocolate cake...



Casa Del Cocco is a must-go place for fans of Italian food and health freaks. Food served is low in sodium and MSG, almost every dish is generously flavored with Italian herbs and eating there gives you a warm feeling, both from the ambience and taste of food. Food taste and presentation get a 4-star rating from HFM with  a 2-star price tag.
It gets a 9/10 rating on the HFM scale!


Casa Del Cocco, 18, Jalan 5/109F, Taman Danau Desa, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-7972-3288
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