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Monday, April 9, 2012

Cassandra is 4 Today!

My ballerina-wannabe is 4 years old today! How time flies!!! Though my baby girl went through a very traumatic first 14 months of her life, I am glad that all is behind her now and that she cannot remember a thing about what she and I had gone through. Only those pictures of her in hospitals and her with IV catheters attached to her hand and feet most of the months of the first 13 months of her life are left to be told to her but going through those old albums is something I least want to do. I only want to have happy memories with my baby girl.

I wish that God will bestow upon Cassandra good health always and will never let her go through anymore pain and surgery. Happy birthday baby girl. Everyone loves you very, very much!

This is what Cassandra loves to do everyday - doning on her fairy skirt and pretending to be a ballerina.

Sherilyn che che, the ballet teacher wannabe. It is surely entertaining when the both of them get together to dance and sing.
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