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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cassandra's 3rd Day Of Pre-School

Cassandra is very much influenced by her 2 older sisters in practically everything that they do or say. Thus she started to talk at a very young age (around 9 months) and speaks pretty well at a young age. It's good if she mimics the good traits but the bad ones like screaming, whining, throwing tantrums and dilly dallying, now these are a tad challenging for me to unlearn her.

Check out the 'treasures' that I unearthed from Cassandra's school bag on her third day of school yesterday. She had wanted to put bring these things to school but I stopped her just in time before we left the house. Again, no prize for guessing who she learned this from eh?

2 same cardigans (but different size), 1 deck of Toy Story cards, some Disney stamps and Sherilyn's old flash cards and books from that kindy hahahahaha!!!
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