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Monday, April 23, 2012

Pests In One's Life

If only my life can be free from some people who are likened to head lice and leaches, I will be a much happier person. You do not want them in your life but circumstance is such that they just have to be in your life. They make my blood boil, they make me wonder why they have to make other people's life so miserable. Maybe they get high from making people's life suck and from sucking them dry? I wish there were some sort of pesticides formulated just to rid them which I can just spray to rid them off my life or easier still, just a button on a machine which I can press to zap them out from my life. I better stop now. I can go on and on ranting and raving and this will get out of hand. Just want to vent out my frustrations here as there is really no other means I can vent it out!! And I pray that God will remove this unwanted ill feeling that I am having now. It is bad for my soul and against my religion too.
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