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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Next Melinda Looi In The Making

Will my princess wannabe be the next Melinda Looi in the making? Well, I do hope so hehe... here's Sherilyn designing some clothes with some left over cloth. She had spent so much time and thought into how best to cut the cloth and then decorated the dress with some glittery stickers and a sash made from paper!

She hates doing Math and poring in her school books is the last thing she ever wants to do. Spelling, ejaan and ting xie will bore her to sleep and will drive me insane testing her. But when it comes to singing, dancing and designing clothes and stuff, she can spend the whole day in it. It is mind-bogging how she cannot recognize simple words that she had learned in pre-school but can memorize the lyrics of songs oh so well. Hmmm, this girl is interesting. I should work on bringing out the artistic side in her and capitalize on it!
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