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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Self-Watering Plant Pot From Ikea!

Have you ever had a major heartache upon return from a week-long holiday when you discovered that your once lively plants transformed into some severely dehydrated and shriveled shrubs that could not be revived? That is exactly what happened to the mil. Years ago, she went on an overseas holiday and when she returned, found that her favourite bonsai plant was in a severely dehydrated state. We all got some severe wigging from her for forgetting to water her plants. If you are facing problems with finding some reliable neighbors or friends to help you water your plants while you are away for a few days from your home, this self-watering plant pot from Ikea is the answer to your woes!

The self-watering insert keeps the soil moist.. The inner pot has 3 different colours; you can vary the colour that shows through the hole on the outer pot.
At only RM45 each, this innovative self-watering pot will help your beloved plants to thrive when you are away from your home for a few days. Perfect for forgetful and very busy peeps too. And perfect gift for your mom too for Mother's Day which falls on Sunday, 13 May this year :)
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