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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cassandra's First Sports Day Event

I remember very vividly that Alycia attended her very first sports day event in pre school in June 2008. It was held on the day after Cassandra's full-moon party. Only the hubs and my dad attended Alycia's sports day, along with Sherilyn, as I had to care for a newborn baby. In the past, I had never attended any of Alycia's sports day event, pre-school concert and ballet presentation (I am ashamed!) and only attended one of Sherilyn's sports day event and pre-school concert as I was too pre-occupied with Cassandra's health issues since her birth. Ever since Cass recovered, I vowed that I have to try to attend all my daughters' school events to give them moral support, albeit I really hate to be exposed to the sun (those who know me well will know that I will literally melt in the sun!) and I find all the school speeches before any concert or competition so boring that I can doze off right away!

Cassandra attended her very first sports day event in pre school yesterday. Her friends and she had been practicing marching and practicing their respective class events very hard for the past 2 months. Cass was really excited yesterday and she darted off from bed immediately the minute I woke her up in the mornng (which is something that is very rare for this dilly dallier). Cass did pretty well in the marching and bean bag event for her class. The hubs, who is the ever sporting daddy, took part in the family event as usual. It was an eye opener for Cass and she was very proud that she received a trophy from her school. She has been telling everyone  "I won this GOLD in my sports day" LOL!!! We took many pictures at the sports day but I ain't going to post any pix here for my kids' safety as everyone was in the school uniform. And nope, my Facebook ain't going to have any pictures of my girls in their school uniform or in their school as well. Kidnap cases are too rampant these days and there are thousands of pyschotic paedophile out in the w.w.w. lurking around. So I better be safe than sorry.

Have a great week ahead everyone!
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