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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ravenous Appetite

My 4YO baby girl has an appetite as ravenous as a tiger. If I don't control her food portion and what she puts into her mouth, she can very well balloon up to double her size in a matter of months. She's got her daddy's foodie genes. Give her a chicken drumstick or an animal rib, she will gnaw on that piece of bone and wipe out every single visible strand of flesh off the bone, leaving the bone shiny and clean, as shown here:

Many  well-meaning friends and relatives would tell me to let her eat to her heart's content but my mil and I think otherwise. They think that Cass was deprived of all the food that she should have taken when she was a sickly baby for over 14 months of her early life.  I still think that one will have more illnesses if she/he is overweight. Have you ever seen a living 100-year old mean mortal who is overweight? I have not. Each morning when I jog around the neighborhood and park, I see a handful of 80 or 90-something year olds who look pretty fit and healthy (physically) strolling too and they are all lean. Also if you are overweight, this will put a heavy toll on your knees as the knee caps will 'wear out' sooner than it should if the top is not overweight.  So my take is that I will let my kids eat wisely, emphasizing more on proteins and fibre and cutting down on carbs, sugar and processed food.

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