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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Food Delivery

This is the 2nd time I am trying out daily food delivery for our dinner.  The first time was done last year, also when my mil was away. It lasted only for a month as I could not stand the dishes heavily coated with sauces and burnt wok residue.  This time, I am ordering from Tammy Food Delivery.  Sadly, the dishes did not meet my low expectations as well.  What I do not like is that all the dishes are also cooked heavily in salty and thick, gooey sauces.

The chicken meat given for the past 2 days have was very tough. I noticed that the way the caterer cooked the meat dishes is that the meat and fish (Dory fish used) are all deep fried until the meat turns really tough. Even my fork cannot poke through the chicken breast meat at times.  Then, the different types of sauces like sweet and sour sauce, oyster sauce, Thai sauce, etc will be used to mix with the deep fried meat, creating a different name for each dish.

Deep fried chicken coated with some oyster sauce and mixed veggie, Japanese tofu in thick oyster sauce and sweet and sour deep fried Dory fish coated with a layer of thick batter. 

My kids ain't that used to the heavy sauces for the dishes and I have to put a bowl of hot water for them to wash the dishes before they eat.

For 2 days straight, the Dory fish dish went into the bin. We all did not like the heavy coating of batter on the Dory fish. Last night, the veggie dish had to be binned too.  While the portion is really large for 4 pax, taste wise, it still does not pass my very low expectation.  But I guess I will have to continue as I really cannot find the time to cook right now.  I hardly have the time to sit down. Any free time will be used to guide the kids in their homework and school work and yes, to sleep.

I am almost surrendering without a live-in helper and it is only the 3rd day. Even the hubs feels the same and he has been consoling me that the new maid will come soon. Yea yea, new maid from where?   Anyway, I hope that given time to adjust to the new routine, I will be able to spring back into my top form again.

The good side to being maidless is : I have lost weight haha!!

Cass washing the chicken meat with hot water before putting it into her mouth.
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