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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Throes Of Motherhood - Maidless

Ever since the helper left us a week ago, life has been even crazier for me. To begin with, I did not even have enough time to get sufficient sleep even before the helper left. Now that she's left, it's worse. On most days, I can only find the time to do work that requires thinking at night, when the girls are asleep and when there's absolute silence and serenity at home. But I can only afford an hour or two. Much as I would like to continue working on the PC, but my eyes and brain would just shut me off. The only thing that I want is the BED! But there are washed laundry to be hung, a sink full of oily dishes to be washed, rubbish to be thrown in the refuse room and a house to tidy up.  Though I hate doing it, I nevertheless enjoy the absolute silence whilst hanging the laundry. I also get to enjoy the night view of KLCC and KL Towers whilst doing this much hated chore.

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