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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Clumsiest Girl Ever!

Rascal #2 is the clumsiest 7-YO girl ever. She drops practically everything that she is not supposed to drop.

These are some of her boo boos which I can recall:

1) My iPad!! She was keeping the iPad several days ago and then all of a sudden,we heard a loud thud!! I SHOULD NOT have asked this clumsy pot to keep my iPad of all the girls!

2) My celo tape dispensers and she broke all 4 of them over a span of 1 year! The latest boo boo was last week when she dropped the tape dispenser right in front of my eyes. I could not believe what I saw as she broke all the previous celo tape dispensers too! A record-breaking of breaking 4 celo tape dispensers in just 1 year, LOL!  Thank God the heavy dispenser with a sharp teeth did not land on her feet, else....

3) Knocking off drinking glasses filled with water whenever we dine out, thus causing a mess on our table.. not to mention causing a scene too.  And yes, she always spills drinks and drops food at home too.

4) Just a moment ago, she dropped a Chinese soup spoon and miraculously the spoon did not break as the drop height was not very high. I should take a closer look at the spoon later, just to ensure that there is no crack on the spoon.

5) Just a moment ago, she dropped her mechanical pencil cover into her bowl of sweet potato sweet dessert.

6) Last night, she wanted to pack some biscuits into her lunch box for recess today. I normally pack for her but since I was busy, I allowed her to pack her lunch box herself but had a strong hunch that she will drop the biscuits. A mother's instincts are always correct. The moment I walked out of the kitchen, Alycia announced on top of her voice "mummy, Kay Yi dropped the whole packet of biscuits on the floor!!!" I went back to the kitchen and was raging when I saw the mess. I told her to clean up the mess herself but her indulgent daddy helped her clean up the mess.   That's one of the reasons why my girls are disobedient as daddy hardly reprimands them and this is driving me bonkers!

7) Dropping her tumblers and cracking them

8) My mobile phone. She is now banned from touching my Samsung Galaxy Note.

9) Cups and plates

I know there were more fragile things which she had broken in the past but I cannot recall them at this moment.  Sherilyn oh Sherilyn, when will you ever stop dropping things huh? Mummy hates to call you clumsy pot and butter fingers.

Do you have a child who keeps dropping things too?
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