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Monday, September 17, 2012

Dragon Door Steamboat @ Taman Segar

A few Saturday nights ago, we had charcoal steamboat at Dragon Door Steamboat, aka Yit Sing Restaurant @ Taman Segar, Cheras. Initially we planned to have dinner at Farmland Porridge steamboat again but hubs' friend suggested Dragon Door for charcoal steamboat, which is steamboat with an ancient Chinese touch! We were all already very famished as we left home at 8ish pm and luck was not on our side -- the traffic jam was horrendous. By the time we reached Dragon Door, it was already 9ish pm. And the restaurant was still packed with steamboaters at that time.

When the pot of steamboat was finally ready with an assortment of balls and meat in the clear but tasty soup, our tummies were  growling ferociously and we were gobbling down our food and burning our lips with the piping hot balls and meat, haha! There was no regret. The steamboat ingredients, soup and dipping sauces were all worth the traffic jam and long wait.
Dragon Door (Loong Moon) restaurant is designed and constructed to resemble a motel during the ancient China days. It's a hidden gem - good environment and good food.  Even the toilet  has an ancient China touch to it.


 The interior decor, with a bamboo staircase to the floor above....


The restaurant setting and ambience are similar to those eatery cum motel in the olden China days, just like what we see from those TVB fighting shows.


Steamboat using charcoal.  If you have young kids, make sure your kids are seated far away from the pot as the initial flame to heat up the soup can grow big and really hot, as shown in the pic below.


Some of the raw ingredients. Our pot of pork soup cost RM18.



 My bowl of yummy balls with lots of chopped spring onions and coriander leaves.


Tasty sauce for dipping.  There is a counter just for sauces and you can mix a concoction of sauces of your choice.



At the end of the steamboat meal, my jaw almost dropped when hubs told me that there was still more meat for the BBQ and pan fried style on the side table next to our table!  Our friend did the cooking on this traditional mini stove using charcoal but I was too full to try.  And it was already way past 10pm.  Health freak mummy does not eat after 8pm, what more fried and bbq meat!  The next time we decide to go to Dragon Door again, I'll make sure we leave our house at 6ish pm as this place is pretty far from where we stay.


Lastly, the damage for 6 adults and 3 kiddos was RM351.45. This included drinks and beer. I think it's pretty reasonable as we ordered quite a bit of raw ingredients and there was beer too.    


Would I go again? Most definitely but we must make sure we leave our house early this time.  And oh yes, be prepared to leave this place with a souvenir of oily smell of BBQ meat and steamboat on your hair and clothes after your meal. So do not even bother to have your nice smelling bath before you go to this place :D  We all had to shower again when we reached home, close to midnight!

Dragon Door Steamboat
No.18-1, Jalan Manis 4 (Taman Segar), Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel : 03-9130 1062
A-La Carte Charcoal Steamboat, Fresh Ingredients With Tasty Soup, Ancient Style With Excellent Environment!
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