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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Homecooked Chicken Porridge

I do not really fancy eating porridge, especially thick, gooey porridge as the texture tends to tickle my throat and makes me want to puke at times. When my mil cooked a pot of chicken porridge the other day, I could not resist chomping down a bowl as the aroma of the sesame seed oil wafted through the entire house when the porridge was still bubbling inside the claypot.

This is my bowl of chicken porridge with coriander leaves and pepper. The deboned chicken breast meat was marinated with sesame seed oil and thrown into the boiling pot of porridge about half an hour before it was served. This way, the meat will not be overcooked but  will be very tender and juicy. The consistency of the porridge texture was just right - not too thick and not too watery.

As I was savoring this bowl of simple yet delightful porridge on a typical busy weekday, I could feel how much comfort it can bring me -though simple yet heartwarming! Nothing beats homecooked food.

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