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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nothing Beats Home-Cooked Food

Nothing beats having home-cooked food for dinner everyday and I am thankful that my mil has passion in cooking and baking. Though these are pretty simple dishes that she whips up, we all enjoy her cooking.

 This is one of our typical dinners when the mil is around to cook up a storm:


'Kon Jeen Har Loke' aka pan-fried prawns dry style with Chinese cooking wine and soy sauce. On the right is stir-fried chives with roast pork slices. Above the chives dish is stir-fried petai aka stinky beans with minced meat and chopped preserved veggie.


 This is the famous salt-baked chicken which we bought from Ipoh.


Quinoa with herbs-roast chicken from the girls' koo por (grand aunt) who lives a few floors below ours.

And the downside of having a great cook who stays with us? My weight is slowly but surely creeping up again! :(
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