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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Silly Me

Yesterday evening, the girls waited very impatiently for daddy to fetch them to Cass' pre-school lantern party.  After a long wait, daddy finally called my mobile phone to ask us to meet him at the lobby. I, as usual was busy on the computer, trying to reply some emails. 

Alycia - mummy, it's daddy!  He said to go down to the lobby now.

Me - OK, let's go quick. We are very late... and left the PC, grabbed the house keys and walked to the door.
(I was still in my nightie - yup I work in my nightie and it's the most comfy clothes ever!).

Alycia - but you haven't changed!!

Me - who hasn't changed yet ?! (my mind was still scattered everywhere in the house and was not listening to Alycia 100%.  And I could feel fangs descending from my gums as I thought that it was Miss Dilly Dally who hasn't changed yet and wanted us all to wait for her again)

Alycia - YOU!! You are still wearing THAT!

Without saying a word, I quickly walked to my bedroom, feeling  really stupid on one hand, yet wanted to burst out laughing my heart out! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sherilyn with her bestie, Berlyn.  I think they had earlier planned  to wear identical dresses to the party but none of them wanted to admit that.  Sherilyn and Berlyn were classmates for 3 years in the same kindy and are now classmates.

Photo: Deline Coco Noir - Sherilyn and Berlyn wore the same dress at the lantern party last night :)
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