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Monday, September 24, 2012

Healthy Instant Noodles For Dinner

Sunday is usually a no-cooking day for me. It is normally an outing day for us and without a maid's help now, we normally take away food for dinner too after our lunch outside. But hubs was busy yesterday and will be busy for the next few days preparing for the Rat Race mega catering function, so he has not much time for us. Feeling lazy, I told the girls that we should just have dinner at the Japanese restaurant at our condo but Alycia suggested instant noodles which got strong back up of approval from her 2 sisters. So instant noodles was what they had for dinner yesterday!

Instant noodles for the girls, cooked with a healthier twist yet, tastes just as syiok as MSG flavored ones. I added Bunashimeji mushrooms (brown beech mushrooms), organic tomatoes and 3 free-range chicken eggs. I used home-boiled fun kok soup as the soup base.  My most pernickety and critical daughter had absolutely no complaints and slurped down her big bowl of noodles.  When I was about to bring the pot to wash, she stopped me, then used her chopsticks and fished out the last few strands of noodles still sitting in the pot and slurped it tastefully into her mouth ! :D

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