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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Her Midas Touch

I could not believe it when her Midas Touch damaged the ceiling-mounted clothes hanger at our balcony. It was starting to rain and I told her to get the clothes in. I just had a hunch that she may snap the delicate wires of the clothes hanger by moving the handle clockwise and anti-clockwise non-stop to see what's going happen to the wires holding over 20kg of weight. Knowing this girl too well, I just knew she would not obediently collect the clothes ONLY. She always does extra... of mischief. She loves to try new things without thinking or fearing of the consequences. We had just replaced the clothes hanger and that cost us over RM500. True enough, not even 5 minutes later, she ran in and reported to me that the hanger was spoilt! I ran out to check the clothes hanger. The wires turned flimsy and the handle could no longer move the hanger up nor down. I was terribly upset as we would have to fork out another RM500+ to replace the hangers. And I felt like strangling that rascal. Thankfully hubs is a handyman and he managed to salvage the hanger, albeit the hanger is now acting strangely.

This is not the first time she had created problem whenever I asked her to help out. Just last week, she dropped a bowl with spring onions that I had just chopped all on the kitchen floor. After chopping the spring onions, the phone rang. She passed me the phone. As my hands were wet and stinky, I told her to hold the bowl of spring onions for me and warned her with these words "please hold for me and DO NOT drop it ok "... just after I said the words OK, the bowl just slipped out from her butter fingers!! The chopped spring onions were scattered everywhere! All my effort of washing, soaking and chopping the onions went into the bin again! Just a day earlier, she also dropped a bowl of chopped onions. I could not believe this rascal!!

This rascal has now earned a nickname Butter Fingers and Miss Clumsypot in the family. She spills drinks and drops things all the time. I hope she will outgrown this clumsiness in her, just like how she took 6.5 years to kick off her thumb-sucking habit. God please help her and me!
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