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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jooi Hooi Cafe, Penang Road

After the anxious wait and consultation with Cass' surgeon at GMC Penang, I told hubs that I needed to have some street food therapy to de-stress.  Next to retail therapy, good food can be very therapeutic for me too lol!  My suggestion sounded too good to my foodie hubs and without hesitating a wee bit, he inched his way around Penang town to bring me to Penang Road for the well-known Teochew Chendol.

During our 3-week stay in Penang in May 2009, whilst I waited stressfully in the hospital, the hubs went food hunting round Penang,  Now, he is very familiar with all the well-known makan places in Penang!

The Penang Road famous Teowchew Chendol and Ice Kacang outside Jooi Hooi Cafe.

Whilst I only suggested Chendol, the hubs took a step further. As usual, this ambitious hubs of mine ordered a plate of 'kar liu' char koay teow (with about 4-5 really huge prawns) @ only RM6, a plate of fruit rojak, a bowl of assam laksa and a bowl of ice kacang.  My tummy was already a quarter full after chomping down 3 hot Ah Guan apom (my no. 1 favorite food in Penang!) on our way to GMC.  By the time we finished these yummy hawkers fare, I felt like puking and told the hubs to ditch the plan of eating seafood for dinner that night.

 The Penang Road famous Chendol is stalled just outside Joo Hooi Cafe, at the side. 
assam laksa with ambala juicejoo hooi cafe
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But guess what, after a light dinner at the Executive Lounge of G Hotel, we walked to Gurney Drive and digged into some popular Penang hawkers food and ate under the drizzle !
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