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Monday, December 10, 2012

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Just a moment ago during the girls' Mandarin tuition class at home, Alycia jokingly said this in Mandarin to her tutor : "Miss M, I know why you still don't have a boyfriend... because you always dress up like a boy! HAHA!"   Gosh, that was a real embarrassing moment for her teacher. Alycia can be very forthright in her words to people whom she is very comfortable with. Many times, she will highlight the weaknesses of the person directly to the person, without first processing the words in her head, thus causing embarrassment to the 'victim' and to me, if I were in the picture. Though I am seated just next to the table where the class is on-going, I pretended that I did not hear what Alycia has just said. I am too embarrassed to even reprimand her. If I were the teacher, I would feel hurt with the comment, albeit it came from a 9-year old child. I better reprimand Alycia when the class is over, lest she says something similar to other people next time!
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