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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Keeping Track Of My Kiddos' Books

Each of my daughters have at least 15 work books for tutoring by our Mandarin tutor.  In the past, they have so many books that the tutor and I could not keep track.  Many times, the books went MIA, which means homework was not done. It is always only months later that when I went through their drawers that I managed to fish out the hidden treasure... their long-lost work books!!  Now I am not sure if they had purposely 'lost' their work books or what!?

This time, the tutor and I came up with a new way of keeping track of their work books... by snapping pictures of all the books that they each have, followed by snapping close up pic of each book LOL!  I asked the tutor to store these pix in her smart phone for reference each time she comes.

Alycia's Standard 4 work books for tuition...

 Sherilyn's Standard 2 work books for tuition...

And even Cass has work books...

And I have this summary of who owns what written on a sticky note, stuck on my desk.  Now listen up girls, don't you think you can escape tiger mummy ok, muahahahaha!!

For those of you with more than 3 kiddos, how on earth do you keep track of their books? Especially if you are a busy working mum with no maids.  It's crazy, eh?

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