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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mastering Math and Sukukata

Yesterday while waiting for our food to arrive, my impatient and restless Cass again bugged me for Math questions and Sukukata (basic reading in the Malay language).  For a good half an hour, I gave her Math addition sums and Sukukata with all the vowels (a, e, i, o, u).  She got almost all her Math sums correct, up to 100 (eg. 2 + 83, 5 + 75, etc).  She could also master all the sounds of the vowels in Malay (eg ba, be, bi, bo, bu, ca, ce, ci, co, cu, etc).  Albeit she knew sa + ya in pronunciation, she however did not know how to say out the word when told to join sa + ya.  My next mission with her is to teach her how to string the 2 or 3 sukukata together into a word. I think it ain't going to be hard since this girl has interest in Math and Sukukata. That is already half of all the hurdles accomplished. Way to go baby girl :)

Cass at 4 years 8 months.
I can't believe that in just a week's time, my baby girl will be in her second year at kindy. Next year, she will have spelling, ejaan and ting xie on a weekly basis with twice yearly exams, just like both her che ches! Time really flies... one moment she was still a sickly and frail baby addicted to my boops and in just a few blinks of my eyes plus loads of eventful events, she is now going to sit for exams *GASP*

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