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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Of All The Things To Forget...

Can you believe that in my entire life,  I hardly ever cook rice?  Before the kids came along, I've always had my meals outside after work.  After the kids came along,  I've had a maid who would cook for us for over 10 years and even after she left recently, the MIL would cook rice. Never me to cook rice.  So naturally, cooking rice was never my forte and it was hardly in my to-do list. I would even feel helpless each time I cook rice and would get worried that the rice would either be too soggy or too hard or not thoroughly cooked.

So... today I made a big boo boo.   After the 3 girls had gone for art class, I was enjoying the peace at home and quickly did all the work on my PC that needed thinking -- churning out invoices, writing my ads and replying my customers' messages.  I told myself that I could just reheat one of the dishes that the MIL had cooked and frozen just before she left for Hong Kong.  And I would blanch a veggie when the girls returned from art class.  Watercress soup is already prepared in the afternoon and already sitting nicely and warmly in the magic pot.  When I picked up the girls from art class, Alycia was announcing that she was freaking hungry. I said, no problem, dinner will be served in a bit but....

When we stepped inside our house, Alycia ran into the kitchen to check out what was prepared for her and then she asked me worriedly,  "MUMMY, WHERE IS THE RICE???"  O_o  I said "Shiats, I FORGOT to cook rice!!" and then burst out laughing foolishly at my forgetfulness!  How could I have forgotten to cook rice?  Rice of all things, great!  I told the girls that since they were so hungry, I might as well just cook some spaghetti noodles which would just take me 10 minutes.  But my rice pot Alycia insisted that she only wanted rice and nothing else!   This fan thoong girl of mine  would go to bed feeling really uneasy if she did not get to eat rice for dinner,  sigh!  Then both of us thought of the same thing at the same time.  Haha, great minds think alike, deng deng!!  So off we went downstairs to the Japanese restaurant to take away Japanese rice which cost me a freaking RM6.70 including tax.  What the heck,  a mum has to do what a mum has to do when her 3 babies are famished.  LOL!  And my 3 babies enjoyed their Japanese rice with homecooked food and soup for dinner tonight :D
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