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Friday, March 15, 2013

Cassandra's Second Swimming Lesson

Cass attended her 2nd swimming lesson yesterday.   The first time she attended the lesson was in early February 2013.  Due to the CNY break, rainy season and having to take turns to attend swimming lessons with Sherilyn,  Cass is only attending her 2nd lesson a month later. The teacher can only focus on teaching 2 kids at a time. So Sherilyn and Cass have to take turns attending the once-weekly lesson on an alternate week basis. Alycia who is a much better swimmer and does not need the teacher to focus so much on her can swim on her own and can attend the lesson every week.

She was taught how to breath under the water and the teacher made Cass 'swim' towards him and back to the side of the pool. I think after a few more lessons, my water baby should be able to swim :)
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