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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hawkers' Fare @ Rainbow City Food Lane, Ipoh

During our recent trip back to Ipoh, we brought the girls to savour some street food at 'Tong Sui Kai' (Desserts Street) at Rainbow City Food Lane / Food Court. This is the street that I have been patronizing for the past 25 years whenever we wanted to eat 'tong sui' (desserts) and cheap seafood. It was the girls' first time to this hawkers' street. Well, the food there ain't cheap anymore.

Our first stop was at the first stall that sells seafood and 'tai chau' dishes. We ordered a sweet and sour crab dish, a 'ceong ceng' fish (fish steamed with sweet and sour paste), a pan-fried kampung chicken dish, a stir-fried bean sprouts  and a steamed 3-egg dish. That cost us a whopping RM160+! 


Hubs also ordered piggy spare parts porridge, fish porridge, BBQ sotong (cuttlefish), yau yi ong choy (water spinach with brown cuttlefish in spicy peanut sauce) and rojak from other stalls. The owner of the 'tai chau' stall ain't too happy that we used his bowls and cutlery, HUH!  WTH, we still needed to use his bowl, plates and cutlery when his dishes arrived, right?  This will be our first and probably the last time we patronize this stall as we all think that RM160+ for only 5 dishes is too expensive for Ipoh street food!

The cuttlefish-kangkong and BBQ cuttlefish were very tasty though.


For desserts, we walked down to another stall and ordered these:

Ice kacang with atapchi and ice cream, cendol with ice cream, red bean tong sui and a bubur cha cha. As all of us adults are health freaks who have re-trained our palate to eat sugar-reduced food, we all found the desserts too sweet for our liking and only walloped half the bowl for all the desserts.

It was a good experience for the kids to experience Ipoh street food. The next time we go there again, we will sample  food from other stalls. The girls have yet to try Ipoh Hor Hee. I'll bet you have not heard of this too, unless you are from Ipoh :)

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