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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Our Sunday - 17 March 2013

On Sunday, I had my first pre-birthday celebration, with a brunch at Han Room @ Gardens Mid Valley.  The reason why we went to Han Room was to utilize the RM50 birthday voucher that the Oriental Group had sent to me.  For your information, membership at the Oriental Group is free and members will get a RM50 birthday voucher which she/he can use in her/his birthday month, on top of getting the usual member's discount of 10%.

We had an assortment of dim sum, baked fried rice in crab shell and this time, we tried a rice dish cooked with tomato sauce, big onions, beef and a fried egg dished out in a claypot. I like this very toothsome dish, which is very suitable for kids. In fact, I like just about any dish cooked with a combination of tomato sauce + big onions + eggs.


After lunch, we did a super quick groceries shopping at Aeon (formerly known as Jaya Jusco) before speeding off to send rascal #2 for ballet class. Sherilyn and her fellow ballerina friends have to attend extra ballet classes (3 times a week) to get themselves really well prepared for their Grade 2 RAD exam next week.

After dropping rascal #2 at the dance centre, the hubs brought us to check out the car that he'd be getting for me.  I told the hubs that  with a 7-year hiatus in driving, I only have the courage to drive a small car with a short butt. I ain't going to drive his 11-seater bulky MPV or the 7-seater MPV that he had originally wanted to get me.  No thanks dear, I do not want to break your heart if I break the car's butt or head. I feel safer driving a small car, which can enable me to weave in and out of the horrendous KL traffic and enables me to park at itty-bitty space at shopping malls. Moreover, I will only be driving the car in our neighborhood to send the kids for classes and to the nearby shops. Anywhere that requires me to brave through traffic jams, I'd still get my Ahmad to drive me around!  Oh, I had mentioned in my earlier posts that the compass in my head is somewhat impaired and my sense of direction sucks BIG TIME!!  Thus, he thinks that the Hyundai i10 would be the ideal vehicle for me, for a silai to drive in the neighborhood.

I was delighted when I saw that the i10 also comes in my favorite color, PINK... in striking PINK somemore, wooohoooo!! I told the hubs that I wanted this color!


But Alycia, my NO-PINK girl gave me a disgusted look when she saw the pink and opted for alpine blue car-1.jpg

So which color did you think hubs got for me?
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