Health Freak Mommy: Our Sunday - 3 March 2013


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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our Sunday - 3 March 2013

Tomorrow will be the start of Alycia's week-long 1st term exam. This time round, I have been pretty lax with her.  In the morning, she followed her grandma jogging. Then we had a relaxing and long breakfast of homemade toasted wholemeal bread at home.  Before we could start doing any revision, the hubs asked if we would like to go out for lunch. Since I wanted to get some fruits and groceries, I suggested Mid Valley Megamall.  After our Italian lunch at  Blu Med @ Gardens, we went to Cold Storage for groceries shopping. By the time we reached home coupled with lots of dilly dallying from this Miss Cool As Cucumber, we only started doing revision at around 5pm. Not even half an hour into doing the work that I had set for her, I saw this girl struggling to open her eyes!  She persuaded me to let her take a cat nap. I relented on condition that the nap shall only be for 15-20 minutes. She promised me.  When she was napping, I quickly did the laundry and some work on the computer. I had no time to waste. With only a max of 2 hours to do last minute revision with this dilly dallier, I had to put all my own work and needs on hold and attend to this girl FIRST!   Motherhood is so tough.  It is tougher on me and my kids when there are people who like to compare my kids with their kids in terms of academic achievement, haizzzzz......
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