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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sherilyn's Grade 2 Trial Ballet Exam

Sherilyn sat for the second trial ballet exam today, before the actual exam this month end. She and her fellow ballerina classmates have been practising very hard for the past few months as the teacher finds that their movements are not 100% perfect yet. From twice weekly classes, they will have thrice weekly classes starting from next week on top of extended time during normal classes. Learning ballet requires a lot of discipline and hard work. I have seen the ballet teachers at the dance centre screaming at the students. Some teachers even hit the butt of students who never seem to remember their steps. I have time and again asked Sherilyn if she absolutely likes ballet and her answer has always been in the affirmative.

I find it really therapeutic whenever I see my princess wannabe dance.  When she is dancing, she portrays nothing of the mischievous, overly playful, whiny and willful girl who often clashes with me. I am the serious type while she is just the opposite. Whenever I see her dance, she looks really serious yet demure and graceful, which is just something that I wish she could be all the time!


Sherilyn dancing with Mel, her childhood friend, who is also the daughter of my childhood friend.

Sherilyn doing a solo dance in her character skirt.

I sincerely hope that Sherilyn and all her classmates will pass their RAD Grade 2 exam and can proceed to Grade 3.

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