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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Counting Ang Pow Money

This year, I delegated the task of emptying the ang pow packets collected during CNY and counting the cash to Alycia and Sherilyn. They could not be more excited to be cashiers, handling real cash! Alycia was in charge of emptying the cash from the ang pow packets and counting the cash while Sherilyn was in charge of double checking all the ang pow packets to ensure that no cash was left inside. Both girls did a fairly good job.  Sherilyn found a RM50 note that Alycia had missed out in one of the ang pow packets o_O !!

And half way through the job, it turned rowdy... as usual, sigh....* no eye see to remain sane*  !

In total, the girls received RM2,000 during CNY from friends, relatives and from their daddy and mummy. I topped up the difference and banked in RM1,000 each into their savings account. In 10 years' time, the money in each savings account should be enough for 1 or 2 year's college fees :D
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