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Friday, April 12, 2013

Deep-Freezing Kueh Ang Koo

My mil traveled up north last weekend with her daughter from HK and told me that she would make a pit-stop in Ipoh. I jumped at the opportunity and quickly messaged my mum in Facebook for her to get me my favorite black glutinous rice ang koo from Ipoh Garden South. When we went back to Ipoh last month, we stopped at this kueh stall twice but luck was not on our side, the stall was closed. This time, my dad bought 30 pieces of ang koo in a variety of flavors - black glutinous rice skin, red skin and pandan skin.

I was so happy when I saw the boxes of ang koo and gobbled up 3 ang koos immediately.  I may be a health freak but I have my weaknesses to some very fattening stuff like kueh and durians which I can never resist!

There were so many ang koos that I squirred away some and stashed them nicely in an ice-cream container in the freezer.  That can satiate my crave for another month *burp, oops!* LOL!

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