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Friday, April 26, 2013

Health Freak Mommy's Morning Routine

Glimpse of a health freak mommy's breakfast...

A slice of homemade bread (spelt flour + wholemeal flour) with a teaspoon of Nutella chocolate hazelnut bread spread and sprinkled with a teaspoon of superfood chia seeds!  And of course my must-have mug of hot match :D

That's not all, the first food that goes into my tummy at 5:15am everyday is a mug of apple cider vinegar with psyllium  husk. That will surely do its 'drain declogging' job half an hour later haha!  Half an hour later a mug of low fat milk with coffee goes in.  After my daily exercise, it would be fruits on an empty stomach and half an hour later, the REAL breakfast, which is normally all the carbs 'allocation' I give myself. I try to eat my 'carbs allocation' in the morning, keeping it low at noon and try to maintain an almost carb-free meal after 6pm and strictly no food after 9pm.That's how I maintain my 45kg weight  for years, which is only 2kg of weight increase after 3 kiddos.  Pre-kiddos weight had always been 43kg since my teenage years :)

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