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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sherilyn Is Now Bespectacled!

Two weeks ago, Sherilyn was officially a sei ngan mui ('four-eyed' girl)!  After three checks with the optician and ophthalmologist, I was finally convinced that she has Astigmatism. She was actually diagnosed with Astigmatism since early last year but I was not convinced with the tests down by the optician and later the ophthalmologist. After the third test, I was finally convinced. I took the trouble and time to bring her for three tests done by three different doctors as I wanted to be uber sure that her eyes indeed needed corrective glasses. I did not want her to wear glasses because of a wrong diagnosis and prescription. And I had a hunch that this rascal wanted to wear glasses because her good friends are wearing eye glasses too.

I got her a reasonably priced purple colored plastic frame spectacles and I think she looks cute wearing it! And oh yes, the hubs also has to wear glasses now but only when he reads!

Machine test carried out by Dr C from ISEC @ Mid Valley.  This is the ophthalmologist who operated on Cassandra's eye Chalazion  3 years ago. It was after seeking confirmation from him that I was convinced that my rascal has Astigmatism.

And another round of test, before she was given a prescription.
Right eye Astigmatism is 250 and left eye over 100, which is pretty high for an 8-YO girl.

I think she looks prettier and cuter with the eye glasses put on :D


... and has a smart-girl and good-girl look too, when the glasses is put on LOL!!

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