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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spin In My New Pink Car!

Last Sunday, the hubs finally had the time to bring me, along with the 3 brats for a spin in my new car, with me driving it for the first time. And it was the first time I drove a car in almost 6 years! Thank God, my driving skill ain't completely lost. The moment I started the engine and hit the wheels, memories of myself being the dare devil on the road 6 years ago took over me instantly! I was really glad that I can still remember how to maneuver a car! Driving a car is like riding a bicycle. You will not lose the skill completely. If you were once good in it, you will always be. And I was equally surprised that I did not lose touch of my parking skill just yet, albeit I admit that I have to improve on my L or side parking.

This morning, hubs brought me for my second refresher course. After dropping Cass in school, we went for breakfast at Ficelle Boulangarie and then went to the mini market. He suggested that we should do this every morning for at least another week until he gives me his stringent 'pass' LOL!
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