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Friday, September 20, 2013

Multi-tasking Aunty

This is the aunty who wants to accomplish a lot in under an hour in the morning but does not have enough hands to do so like an octopus.

With  no hands to press on the button of the car key, no hands to hold the card to swipe on the door scanner and no hands left to open the house door,  this ah-soe has to clip the car keys, house keys and access card to 3 card holders and hang them on her neck.  Like soh por or not?

This aunty bought breakfast for the kids, bought newspapers and has bags of veggie and meat to whip up a warm and healthy dinner for her family tonight!

That is why this aunty has strong arms and muscles on her hands. No flabby auntie underarms, earned from years of hardcore training holding weights like a kuli to her 3 kiddos!

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