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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Radish Cabbage Soup For The Soul

This is my lunch and dinner today:
Organic radish + organic cabbage + roast pork bones + pork ribs soup.  No rice. No noodles.  Just an awesome bowl of soup.  I also ate one half-boiled free-range chicken egg for lunch. Cass ate the same thing and had 2 half-boiled eggs and 2 slices of homemade kaya toast.

The girls did not scoff when I told them that they will be having just soup and sunny-side-up eggs to go with rice for dinner.  They managed to polish off half the amount of pork ribs from the soup.  There is still a bowl of soup with ribs and that will be my lunch for tomorrow.  This is good stuff and a complete meal with protein, fibre, calcium, iron and much more, all in a bowl of soup.

And guess what the girls will be having for lunch tomorrow? Steamed purple sweet potatoes!  Just now I found 2 packets of organic sweet potatoes that my MIL had placed in a bag in the kitchen. I told the girls that since the sweet potatoes were starting to sprout shoots, we had better finish them off instead of binning them as they ain't cheap being organically grown.  The girls were A-OK with my suggestion and requested for sunny-side-ups again to go with the sweet potatoes, LOL!  Good girls, mummy is so proud that you all ain't fussy after all. 

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