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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Simple Homecooked Meals

Here are some of the simple yet wholesome meals that I whipped up for the kids this week....

Dinner on 24 September 2013...

Braised pork ribs with wine and potatoes, sardines with big onions and lime juice and a veggie dish.


Close up picture of the delish braised pork with potato dish...

Dinner on 25 September 2013...

Chicken rice and a veggie dish

This bento set was for Sherilyn as she came home late from the tuition centre that night...

Papaya, coconut water, chicken rice and veggie and a cream puff for dessert.


I cooked porridge for dinner last night as Cass had fever. We had planned to  have a relaxing dinner outside but had to cancel our plan when Cass' fever did not subside. Thank God, she is well again today :)


My girls like really watery porridge, thus you will see that the porridge looks like soup here. It was delish, sweet and tasty as there was a whole load of ingredients in the porridge, yums!

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