Health Freak Mommy: Simple Lunch For The Girls - 13 September 2013


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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Simple Lunch For The Girls - 13 September 2013

This is for my anti-rice but noodles-loving Cass...

Vermicelli with minced meat (left-over from the previous night's dinner), steamed chicken drumstick and a free-range chicken egg.

Tiny but she's got a very ravenous appetite. She polished off this big Pyrex bowl of food!

And this is for my rice-craze Alycia...

This is a pretty no-sweat meal which I managed to whip up in under an hour.

Steamed chicken drumsticks with sesame seed oil, pepper, sea salt, red dates and since I had an excess of pandan leaves which were starting to whither in the fridge, I dumped in a few sprigs of pandan leaves to add flavor to the chicken drumsticks.

The girls were very satisfied with their lunch :D

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