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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bad Week!

This week has been a bad week for Cass and Sherilyn, which means it is even worst for me. When the girls are unwell, it is always the mom who suffers the most.

Cass has been unwell for almost the whole of this week. She has been suffering from a phlegmy throat and had fever for two days earlier this week.  As she is getting better today, the virulent sick virus has now attacked Sherilyn.

Last night at exactly 12 midnight, she ran from her bedroom to the bathroom and puked into the toilet bowl. I was jolted up from my sleep. I saw the vomit pouring out into the bowl and her long hair was dipping into the bowl with vomit!!!  I thought it was a nightmare but the nightmare turned into a reality! At 12 midnight, I had to wash her hair and scrub the toilet bowl and  floor as stinky vomit was splattered everywhere.

I used to post in my blogs years ago when Sherilyn was about 3 years old that I thought it was a jinx that she would puke at 12 midnight very often. The jinx stopped short after Cass was born. Now I know that it ain't any jinx. The culprit is again MILK! 

Then at 3am, Sherilyn woke up and ran to my room. I thought she wanted to puke but she told me that she wanted to drink water and that she felt very sick.

Today has been bad. She has vomited more than 5 times and the hubs brought her to the doctor in the morning.

We had lunch at Nihon Kai Japanese restaurant today. While all of us ate, Sherilyn sat there in a daze. She only drank a few sips of hot matcha and a few slurps of soba.

In the car, she puked again.

vomit day 6 Oct

Back home, I gave her 2 slices of cream crackers before feeding her with anti-vomiting medicine.

She has been napping the whole afternoon and she seems really unwell. At one point, she had hallucination when I woke her up from her nap. She really scared the shit out of me when she blabbered out words that did not make sense and acted strangely!

To be continued...

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