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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bored Baby

My poor baby has been feeling pretty bored these days. Her second oddball che che used to be her playmate in the afternoons but ever since Sherilyn started attending half-day tutoring at a tuition centre, Cass has been finding things to do on her own.  On most days, she will be drawing, scribbling and playing with her pretend cook set.  For the past few days, the iPad has been her best buddy.  Today, she's watching how cakes are being baked on You Tube! LOL!  Besides the iPad, Cass has also been helping me fold and keep the clean laundry. She also gave me a good 20-minute massage yesterday!  When she's in her goody two shoes self, she is totally lovable but when she steps out from her goody shoes and decides to play villain by protesting every single instruction from me disregarding every single threat from me, she can really drive me to strangle her!!

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