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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bukit Bintang Wet Market

Last Saturday, we went to the Imbi wet market (also known as Bukit Bintang wet market) to have breakfast. It has been yonks since I last had breakfast at a wet market. I think probably about 20 years? Gawd, it's this been this long! As my parents are in KL, the hubs has been bringing us around to look for street food as well as to try new restaurant food.  My dad is a sucker for street food that is "pang, lang, chang" (which literally means cheap, nice and delish in Cantonese).

A stall selling deep friend 'yong liu' (deep fried fish paste stuffed with veggie and tofu)...

My dad and mum 'tarn char' (enjoying their tea and coffee)

Dry curry chicken noodles.

Claypot yee mein for Alycia and a bowl of fish paste, meat balls and fish balls for everyone.

Porridge with deep fried piggy's spare parts. Not my kind of food but someone loves it.

Popiah and curry noddles...
BB Mkt 7

We ordered Hainan coffee from the well-known Keng Swee Cafe inside the Imbi Market. Next to Keng Swee Cafe is another stall (Ah Weng Hainan Tea) that also sells Hainan coffee and Hainan tea. Both are just as crowded and noisy. Most patrons will order  Hainan coffee and Hainan tea along with soft-boiled eggs and traditional toast with kaya and butter.

BB Mkt 1

Below are Keng Swee Cafe's traditional white toasted bread with kaya, toasted bun with kaya and chunks of butter, soft-boiled eggs in a stainless steel mug and Hainan coffee. It's been ages since I last indulged in such glorious sinful carbs!

BB Mkt 3

Dry chicken curry noodles which was yummeh too!

BB Mkt 2

Daddy seems to love showering his princesses with flowers. See how happy Cass is here!

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